Rolling Rebellion

Name Number
DisGracer 5
Baby Hurl 9
Marilyn Monrogue 138
Hitman -1
Zom B OffKiltHer 86R
Angry Bird 2.0
Problems 99
Morgue Anna 14
Lil’ Pittie 17
Reannen Cannon 007
Crazy Haley 82
Big Mak
St. Jimmy 182
The Dude 311
Warzone 30
F.A.Q. 61
Choco Taco 3142
Tenacious C 2006

Opponent Date Outcome
Tulsa Derby Brats September 29, 2012 TBD
Team Name Coming Soon! TBD
Team Name Coming Soon! TBD
Team Name Coming Soon! TBD

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About Us:

The Rolling Rebellion are the fearless future of roller derby.  There are three age groups; 5-8, 8-12, and 12-17.  Within these age groups, the juniors are first introduced to skating and basic skills and then they work their way up to scrimmaging and bouting.  These kids are getting a head start in a career of hard-hitting roller derby.  Adults beware – they’ll be coming for you one day!

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