Trauma Queens


New for 2013!!


Name Number
Doctor Feelgood Coach
Dar2 D2 - Captain P30
Queen Amibrawla – Co-captain 577
Crews’n & Brews’n 6 Pack
Dolly Fartin’ 200T
Lil’ Darlin 8
LoveStrukk 143
Maja Flynnch 717
Meltini 815
Phenol Barbie Doll 232
Professor Sockabiatch 55
Albus Rumbledore Bench Coach

The Trauma Queens are a new home team for North Texas Derby Revolution. Check back for 2013 dates!

The Trauma Queens are roller derby royalty. These aristocratic ladies are illustrious, resplendent, and reign with an iron fist. While they are dignified damsels, they are certainly not in distress. They command the track with aristocratic authority and queenly skill. Watch that you don’t cross them or you might find yourself in need of medical attention. These royal revolutionaries are part of the North Texas Derby Revolution and seek to reign over their home at the House of Quad. Come watch them play this season and expect to see a few tilted tiaras and hard hitting action.

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Opponent Date
Team Name TBD
Team Name TBD

Check back for 2013 dates!