Hickory Street Hooligans

Name Number
Ruby Soho – Captain 720
Party McFly – Co Captain 3
Armenian ASSault-Her 22.01
$2 Pistol .45
Flash O’Fury 21
Jenny Hoffa 1014
Glitter Pisser 27mL
Storma Comin’ 37
Tortillanator 38
Tripp T’Nite Hi-5
Vixen D’Bruzer 62k
Vishus $ami Lishus 26
Sweet Little Agony 79
Animal Chin  COACH

2012 Standings:

Hooligans finished the 2012 season in 3rd place with a record of 1-3.
Check back for 2013 dates!

The Hickory Street Hooligans are a motley group of women who are as unruly and destructive as you can imagine.  They are the kids who stole your lunch money, gave you your first black eye, and never apologized for anything in life.  Watch what you say, because their attitude has only gotten worse!

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Opponent Date
Team Name TBD
Team Name TBD

Check back for 2013 dates!

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