Crash Test Hunnies




Crash Test Hunnies is where a derby girl’s dreams meet the track! It all starts here for every new member of our league. Hunnies already have the attitude and swagger of a derby girl; they may even have the booty shorts and tall socks to match. They just need to transfer all their attributes and skills to skates. At Crash Test Hunnies, we teach each team member all the proper derby and skating fundamentals she needs to find success in her personal derby dream, whether it be personal fitness, a spot on one of our home teams, or a place on our travel team! Sometimes Hunnies stumble and other times they fall, but watch out! Eventually, the Hunnies will be the best of us all!

Reckless Housewife–Mentor
Abbey Knock Her Down
Addie Van Slinger
Ann R Christ
Clementine Woolysocks
Ewok O’Shame
Flyin O’Malley
Gnar Fox
Goldie Warlocks
Harley Cringe
Holly Medicated
Honey Badger
N. Tropy
President of the United Skates
Robin Hoodwink
Scary Poppins
SmasHer Patton
Tata St. Pierre
The Blocking Dead
Twinkle Fists
TX’z Sugar Cain

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