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Feb 16, 10 months ago

Don’t Miss a Bout, Season Tickets are Now Available!

That stressful moment when you don’t know if you will be able to get a ticket at the door…don’t you hate that? All because you forgot to get your online tickets in time! Well, now you don’t need to worry about it! We have season tickets available to purchase now! Don’t miss another bout, or waste your time stressing about purchasing tickets!ntdr

  • 2/15 NTDR 2014 Home Season Opener Muertas vs Trauma & Mafia vs Hooligans
  • 3/29 NTDR 2014 Home Game #2 Nightmares vs Hooligans & Mafia vs Trauma
  • 4/26 NTDR 2014 Home Game #3 Nightmares vs Mafia & Hooligans vs Muertas
  • 5/31 NTDR 2014 Home Game #4 Hooligans vs Trauma & Nightmares vs Muertas
  • 6/28 NTDR 2014 Home Game #5 Muertas vs Mafia & Nightmares vs Trauma
  • 9/13 NTDR 2014 Home Wild Card Playoffs TBA
  • 10/4 NTDR 2014 Home Elimination Playoffs TBA
  • 10/25 NTDR 2014 Home Season Championship TBAlogin-logo

May 3, 2 years ago

Fighting Unicorns 2013 Schedule

Be sure to add these dates to your calendar!