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Unleash your wild side and join North Texas Derby Revolution, Denton County Outlaws, or Rolling Rebellion.

Want to join one of the fastest growing sports in America? We are looking for people who are eager to train and compete alongside the most intriguing female athletes around. Roller Derby experience is NOT REQUIRED, but willpower and a great attitude are. We do not hold tryouts. We accept everyone, at every skill level. Our elite training department will teach you all you need to know. Even if you can not skate, WE WILL TEACH you from the ground up. You will immedialty be put into our Crash Test Hunnie (CTH) program and reside there for no less than 90 days before you are tested out and placed into the draft pool.

For more detailed information on how to join please email:
North Texas Derby Revolution
Denton County Outlaws (men’s league)
Rolling Rebellion (juniors)

Not quite sure you want to play Roller Derby but you do want to be involved in this amazing sport?

We are always looking for Referees and Non Skating Officials (NSO) – please email for more information

Frequently asked Questions:

About being a NTDR skaters

• What’s the typical age/occupation of skaters in the league?
NTDR skaters ages range from early 20s to late 40s, and the occupations are just as diverse. There are several teachers, designers, scientist, stay at home moms, accountants, college students and more. The one thing that all the skaters share is the love of derby, and their wide spectrum of backgrounds help with the administrative, promotional, and production needs of our organization.

• Do you throw a lot of elbows and clotheslines? Do you get to punch people in the face?

Just like any other contact sport, there are strict rules and penalties for such infractions. Punching, tripping and blocking from behind are illegal, as are elbowing, clotheslining, and cutting the track. Want more info on the rules and penalties? The full rule set regulated by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and Men’s Roller Derby Association, the rules can be found at the WFTDA and MRDA websites.

• How much do you train?

Between league practices, home team practices, our skaters have opportunities to practice up to 8 hours a week. Skaters must attend a minimum of 12 hours of practice per month to remain active on a home team. It’s lot of work, but it’s much easier to get your butt to practice when you have a whole team counting on you!

• Do you get hurt?

Yes, just as in any sport, injuries happen. We train very hard and learn how to fall and whip correctly, and we do a lot of off-skates cross-training to prevent injuries. Injuries that are most common include ligament damage to knees, separated shoulders, and lots and lots of bruises!

• Do you wear protective gear?

Yes. Helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, kneepads and mouth guards are required for skating.

• Aren’t you too small / too big to do that?

Roller derby positions and strategies require very diverse skill sets. No matter what size you are, there’s probably a position that works for your body type. A wide range of sizes can help build a team with varied skills that keeps opponents on their toes. If you’ve ‘figured out’ that one bigger skater on the other team, you may next need to worry about that next ‘tiny girl’ who does the same blocking job in a totally different way.

• Do skaters get paid?

No. The Skaters, the refs and all the support staff work tirelessly for their love of the sport, the love of each other, and our shared desire to see it grow. No signing bonuses, no salaries – just our lust for derby action.

• Can I visit a practice?

Active derby skaters and refs from active bouting roller derby leagues may visit some practices, depending on their prior experience. Contact the training director at to find out if you can step in for a practice while you visit the North Texas area area.

• How long is the season?

North Texas Derby Revolution’s season usually lasts from January through June.

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